Prof. Ebersberger recently gave an interview about inspiration and innovation to Christoph Kristandl from the Red Bulletin in the course of the MIT Europe Conference.

He tried to answer the question what innovation actually means and why it has become so extremely fashionable within the last time, also talking about his own experience and how he succeeds in being innovative.

Dr. Peter Schwazer, Head of MCI’s Marketing and Communication Department and Prof. Ebersberger attended the MIT Europe Conference in Vienna in March 2017 where international researchers, entrepreneurs, business owners, and technology experts met at the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (WKO) to talk about ‘Technological Leaps vs. Strategic Steps.’

MCI Innolab was launched in Mid May in cooperation with EEE Project, CAST and Startup.Tirol, in Innsbruck, Tyrol.

It is realised as a Boot Camp with 8 participating teams which work together with lecturers and experts in order to learn more about commercialising inventions and starting up a company. Until mid/end of June 2017 all teams will be coached and mentored individually with the aim to foster their entrepreneurial ideas and visions.

The Boot Camp approach was adopted as a tool out of the Entrepreneurship Toolkit in the course of the EEE Project initiative which is currently in progress. Accordingly, MCI is implementing and thereby prototyping the module ‘Boot Camp’ which has been developed for the course of the EEE Project project.

The Innovation Lab (Innolab) 2017 at MCI is a first initiative in cooperation with the Startup.Tirol and the EEE Project Regional Alliance development. Currently the board of Startup.Tirol is agreeing on a common event calendar which should capture and summarise all relevant events and activities in the field of entrepreneurship throughout the region of Tyrol. Furthermore, MCI is planning the National Launch Event which will be most probably realised together with the ‘Standortagentur Tirol’ and possible also Startup.Tirol in early Fall 2017.

Univations participates in DAAD Workshop to bring EEE dissemination to the next level

On 27.04.2017 Mr. Florian Bratzke, European Project Officer at EEE Partner Univations GmbH, joined an one day PR workshop organised by German Academic Exchange Service DAAD in Bonn. During the workshop, innovative techniques for dissemination of project progress and results have been introduced to German Erasmus+ consortium leaders and partners. Going along with the high internal quality standards set to guarantee the project’s success, EEE partners agreed to intensify their efforts to disseminate project related outcomes. The insights from the DAAD workshop will support EEE partner to life up to this goal.


Univations prepares for German National Launch of EEE

On May 5th, Daniel Worch, CEO of EEE Partner Univations GmbH, has met with representatives from Saxony-Anhalt EU-Service-Agency to discuss the German EEE national launch which will take the 21stof November 2017 in Halle. During this high-level one-day-conference, participants from HEIs, VETs, Business and the political scene will be introduced to the main outcomes of EEE asked for productive feedback to improve the open educational resources. As the event will be organised in conjunction with Saxony-Anhalt EU-Service-Agency, EEE related subjects will be also part of the agenda and presented by guest speakers. One of the main speakers will be Mr. David Fenners, Policy Officer for Research & Innovation, State Aid & Procurement and Regional Policy at the Representation of the State of Saxony-Anhalt to the EU. Univations will host the event at the heart of Technology Parc Weinberg Campus.


Successful 3rd stakeholder meeting of EEE Regional Alliance in Halle

The German branch of the EEE consortium has met for the 3rd Regional Alliance Stakeholder Meeting on 18.05.2017 in Magdeburg, capital city of Saxony-Anhalt. After a short introductory note from Univations CEO Daniel Worch, Stakeholders were introduced to the latest developments within EEE and informed about the German EEE National Launch taking place 21.11.2017 at Technology Parc Weinberg Campus in Halle. One part of the event the was also dedicated to Prof. Dr. Graham Hortons Founders Playbook, which has the potential to ideally complement the EEE Teaching Toolkit when it comes to the point where students actually want to start-up a company. Prof. Horten explicitly asked participants to contribute their expertise to the Playbook, a process the EEE consortium has started as well with the pilot testing of the first module from the EEE teaching toolkit during the MLU Gründerservice Entrepreneurship week in May. As a matter of fact, stakeholders of the 3rd EEE alliance meeting agreed to intensify cooperation in the next months in order to draft a set of joint actions for improving entrepreneurship education in the region.